Radio Promotion

We have extensive experience in promoting rock and metal music to UK radio stations. Get in touch if you’re looking at releasing a new single or album.

TV Promotion

Want your music video on TV? We are experienced in promoting video clips and making sure that they comply with all UK regulations.

Sync Consultancy

We help sync and gaming companies find music to use in movies, ads and video games.

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World Class Radio Promotion

We have worked on big, global album campaigns for world class artists and bands. We have the experience to provide the best promotion for your music and art.

Specialised TV Promotion

We plug and distribute your music video to the best UK TV channels and help maximize your exposure and reach.

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Sync Your Music on TV and Games

We can also help and get your music to the right people in order to get it synced to TV and video games.

Let us know what you’ve got in mind…

Get in touch with us for all inquiries regarding UK radio & TV promotion.

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